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Your 3-month astrological weather forecast with Cassandra Knight.

November 26, 2020

Your 3-month astrological weather forecast with Cassandra Knight.

“Being flexible and adaptable is the key.”

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Meet Cassandra,

Cassandra Knight is a professional clairvoyant, astrologer and tarot reader.  Throughout her 28 year career she has performed readings for many people from all walks of life. Her Astrology columns and feature articles have appeared in various newspapers and magazines ranging from the Herald Sun to Elle.

Cassandra enjoys helping her clients by providing practical and constructive support and advice. She is proficient in many different fields of expertise and can offer clients a combination of services in one reading to give an in-depth holistic analysis.

She loves working with women in business or starting one that wishes to align their life purpose, talents and challenges to achieve life and business success.

I have asked Cassandra to join me today to about Astrology and the role Astrology can play in your helping you in your life.

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Reading offering:


Meet your host:

The host of The Afterlight is Lauren Grace

For the last 15 years, Lauren has worked in a variety of related fields, including media, sales, events and marketing.

"I have been on my spiritual journey for the majority of my life, but quite seriously since 2002. It is a consuming passion for me. I have a background in radio broadcasting and decided to use my skills to develop a podcast. My aim is to provide people with a platform to explore spirituality. The Afterlight will feature a variety of guests with different views and perspectives."

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