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Soul level astrology, uncovering the layers of the soul and unbinding time with Mark Borax

November 24, 2022

Soul level astrology, uncovering the layers of the soul and unbinding time with Mark Borax  

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Meet Mark

Since the late 1970s, Mark has been collecting adventures and spiritual wisdom as a poet, writer, world traveler, and finally, as an astrologer. 

In 1987, he created Soul Level Astrology to free the core nature of human beings and he’s since done thousands of private sessions for people around the world.

In 2008, Mark and his wife founded the College of Visionaries and Wizards, an online school that teaches students to read astrology charts in the deepest, most soulful way. 

Mark is a dynamic and provocative author, counselor, teacher, public speaker, musician and songwriter, whose humorous, compassionate and startling insights inspire others to awaken their soul force. 

His third book, The Ruby Heart of the Dragon, which contains a radical revision of the 12 sun signs, is set to be released in 2023.

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