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Signing a contract with the universe to create a bigger life with R!k Schnabel

October 16, 2022

Signing a contract with the universe to create a bigger life with R!k Schnabel

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Rewriting the past, life working FOR you, allowing more abundance into your life and exploring NLP with R!k Schnabel

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Meet Rik

R!k Schnabel  was born to post war immigrants who taught him the poverty cycle. It would create a life of hardship, insecurity, violence and drama caused by perpetual money- issues. At 40, R!k untrained his brain and broke the cycle.

R!k has turned untraining his clients’ brains; their patterns and programs into a string of success stories. Since 2002, and with over 37,000 brain untraining hours, R!k has been helping average people to get beyond average by untraining their brain. If you want more from your life, you need to untrain your neurological programs from driving your current behaviours. He is also a best-selling author of five books, including: “The Power of Beliefs – 7 Beliefs That Will Change Your Life,” “The Secrets to Creating a Life Beyond Limits,” “ROAR! Courage – From Fear To Fearless,” “The Life Coach Millionaires,” “A Richer Way to Think” and “Teenedge – Tomorrow’s Leaders Today” (coming out in 2022).

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Meet your host, Lauren Grace

Lauren is the host of The Afterlight Podcast

Co-Founder of The Afterlight Institute

Owner/Operator of Rah Rah Consulting

"I started The Afterlight Podcast after a significant change in my life and felt that I was ready to get back on my spiritual journey. This podcast focuses on creating a safe space where listeners can feel motivated and inspired to look at the world from new and different perspectives. This podcast aims to remind you, my dear listener, that you are never alone and that help and support are only a thought away."

Through Rah Rah Consulting, Lauren is also a business and life mentor passionate about business and spirituality and combining the two. 

She LOVES working with spiritual women in business who want to motivate themselves to love their life, let the past go and grow their business and themselves.


Lauren currently offers:

One-on-one mentoring



In-person or on video training


Passionate areas of focus for Lauren:

Business and life mentorship

Productivity and time management

Goal setting, habit building

Leadership + relationship building

Marketing and Sales

Content Creation

Strengthening your connection to Spirit

Manifesting the life you desire

Building a positive mindset

Growing in self-love

Creating time for self-care


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