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Life as a psychic medium, angel transformers and stepping into your authenticity, with Hem

May 20, 2021

Life as a psychic medium, angel transformers and stepping into your authenticity, with Hem

“I think angels are messengers of God.”

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Hi, I'm Lauren your host. I am an expert in time management, content creation and mindset work. My specialty is working with overwhelmed or unmotivated business owners and employees who want to get organized and motivated, review their current business practices, and kickstart their journey to further success!

Alongside hosting The Afterlight podcast, Lauren runs the Rah Rah Spirit Team Mentorship and also facilitates workshops and create custom courses in the areas of:



Time Management through the amazing Task Reduction System

Overwhelm and Stress Management


Public Speaking


Relationships and Communications

Social Media Marketing/Content Creation


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Meet Hem

Hem is a Self Love & Spiritual coach, spiritual angel channeller, and intuitive - she supports individuals to find their inner brilliance and to create an inner road map to deep love and care.  She empowers people to understand the reasons we get held back in life – her motto being that when we love ourselves we can create relationships, life, career, health, etc that functions at higher levels.  Hem uses coaching, meditation, yoga, healing, breathwork, and her channelling gifts in her work.

Her mission is to ignite people’s passion to get back in touch with themselves, by living in authenticity and honesty.  She helps her clients to fully develop behaviours to manifest the life they want.  She likens her style as ‘just a little magic that will bring out the best life that you can live...’

Hem is an avid yogini and Reiki master too.  Having studied spiritual texts etc since she was 11 years old, she’s a kind of guru when it comes to most things spiritual. She was trained at The College of Psychic Studies London and Arthur Findlay College - a kinda Hogwarts for real people.




Meet your host

The host of The Afterlight is Lauren Grace

For the last 15 years, Lauren has worked in a variety of related fields, including media, sales, events and marketing.

"I have been on my spiritual journey for the majority of my life, but quite seriously since 2002. It is a consuming passion for me. I have a background in radio broadcasting and decided to use my skills to develop a podcast. My aim is to provide people with a platform to explore spirituality. The Afterlight features a variety of guests with different views and perspectives to remind you that you are never alone.”

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