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ENCORE: The Akashic records and designing Akashic mandalas with Wendy Sheridan

November 3, 2022

ENCORE: The Akashic records and designing Akashic mandalas with Wendy Sheridan.

This episode originally aired in April, 2021.

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Meet Wendy Sheridan:

Following a lifelong path of spirituality and creativity, Wendy sought to use her artistic gifts to help others through graphic design, arts education and interior design. Then, after a decades-long battle with Lyme disease and autoimmune illness, Wendy became focused on pursuing wellness in body, mind and spirit. Her journey led to training in energy healing, meditation facilitation, and certification to read the Akashic records. This transformational growth drove her desire to unify her creative skills with her interest in healing and spirituality, resulting in the development of Akashic Mandala.

Since each Akashic record is a field of information that can be accessed to better understand the soul’s journey, Wendy began to experiment with intuitively translating that information into a visual artwork. These channeled works leveraged the basic form of the mandala, making them ideal for connecting the energy and healing embedded within the designs and colors. Once she started to regularly work with clients, her conviction that the Akashic Mandala could be a powerful tool for a journaling and meditation practice was proven. Her clients have consistently been able to develop a relationship with the art that helps them get the answers they are seeking and fosters a deep connection to their own wisdom and team in spirit.

“Knowing that each day I am able to create meaningful personal change in people’s lives makes this the most satisfying work I have ever taken on. I have been able to find a way of using the tools and wisdom I have gained in my own journey to help others on theirs. It’s immensely gratifying”



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