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Easy new moon and daily rituals you can incorporate into your life with Quiet Coven

January 2, 2022

Easy new moon and daily rituals you can incorporate into your life.

This is an excerpt taken from our episode:  Kitchen, forest and folk magic with Quiet Coven. 

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If you love cooking, why not add some magical intentions! In this conversation, Denise shares recipes, herbal blends, eating for the seasons, and if you have to be a heritage witch to practice witchcraft.

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Meet Quiet Coven

Denise, also know as Quiet Coven is an eclectic witch living in New York City, her practice centers on kitchen, forest, and folk magic with a Celtic influence. She forages and wildcrafts her witchcraft tools and supplies as much as possible, but also embraces the realities of city witch life in the urban jungle. Denise has been featured in Coffee Table Coven magazine, and shares her witchcraft practice on instagram, @quiet.coven 

Here are my social links: Quiet.Coven on Instagram

Quiet Coven on Etsy

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