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The power of Intuition and developing your psychic abilities with Paul Fenton-Smith

October 6, 2022

The power of Intuition and developing your psychic abilities with Paul Fenton-Smith

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Meet Paul:

Counsellor and clairvoyant Paul Fenton-Smith is the author of twelve books on personal development. 

Paul has studied tarot card reading, astrology, psychic development, clinical hypnotherapy and counselling, combining these into his private practice. 

Paul received a diploma of clinical hypnotherapy in 1986, studied counselling in 1992 and received a Grad. Dip in counselling in 2016 (Western Sydney University). He also studied meditation and intuitive development in the UK in 1991.

Aside from his teaching commitments at the Academy, Paul runs a busy private practice in Sydney as a clairvoyant, counsellor and hypnotherapist and conducts courses internationally. 

Through practising and teaching intuitive studies for more than 40 years, Paul encourages his clients and students to believe only what they can see or experience for themselves.





Instagram. @paulfentonsmith @tarotwithpaul  @astrologywithpaul


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