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Stepping into love, with Lauren Robertson

November 13, 2021

Stepping into love.

This is an excerpt taken from our episode:  Evidential mediumship and taking your power back, with Lauren Robertson

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Meet Lauren

Lauren Robertson is a life-long psychic medium having conducted 15,000+ sittings and public demonstrations. She is the author of The Medium in Manolos, published by Hay House. Lauren graduated with honors from University of Glasgow where she studied English Literature and Philosophy specializing in consciousness studies.

Lauren writes about mediumship and consciousness on The Art and Science of Mediumship here:

You can find her on Facebook and Instagram @LaurenSarahRobertson

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"I have been on my spiritual journey for the majority of my life, but quite seriously since 2002. It is a consuming passion for me. I have a background in radio broadcasting and decided to use my skills to develop a podcast. My aim is to provide people with a platform to explore spirituality. The Afterlight podcast features a variety of guests with different views and perspectives.”

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